2012 Listings SOLD

134 Tanglewood Drive, Lake Naomi

159 Leatherstocking Lane, Timber Trails

133 Gross Drive, Lake Naomi

3 Tanglewood Drive, Lake Naomi

223 Tanglewood Drive, Lake Naomi



158 Flintlock Trail, Timber Trails


2011  Listings SOLD

23 Crestview Lane, Lake Naomi

6 Clear Pond Court, Lake Naomi

27 Gross Drive East, Lake Naomi

70 Mohican Way, Timber Trails

109 Longview Lane, Lake Naomi

36 Winding Hill Road, Lake Naomi

180 Pinecrest Drive, Pinecrest Lake

19 Gross Drive East, Lake Naomi

Pebble Ct., Lake Naomi

33 Crestiview Lane, Lake Naomi

3 Crestwoods, Pinecrest Lake

248 Woodland Ave, Lake Naomi

5 Hemlock Trail, Lake Naomi

3 Wild Pines, Pinecrest Lake

3 Camp Owaissa Court, Lake Naomi 

280 Gross Drive, Lake Naomi

  If you are interested in BUYING a Lake Naomi, Timber Trails or Pinecrest home,

  I will show you any listing available in the MLS. 


8 Longview Court East, Lake Naomi

180 Pinecrest Drive, Pinecrest Lake

122 Mystic Pines, Pinecrest Lake


Claire Dembinski, Recognized For
Internet  Marketing Excellence



Pocono Pines, PA  9/29/08 -- Nationally renowned real
estate marketing and technology speaker and REALTOR.com®
Vice President, Max Pigman, has presented to Claire
Dembinski  the “Real Estate Online
Marketing Award of Excellence”.  The Award of Excellence
recognizes top agents who consistently provide great
marketing services on behalf of their buyers and sellers.

 “There are always some real estate agents who distinguish
 themselves from other agents by doing a little more for
 their sellers. In particular, when the home they are selling
 is placed on a well trafficked site such as the 1st ranked
 REALTOR.com®,  even simple efforts like having more photos
 displayed, crafting better descriptions or adding a full
 motion video, can make a home stand out from competing
 properties,” says Max Pigman, Vice President of
The excellence award was presented to Claire Dembinski at a
recent real estate marketing and technology seminar that
demonstrated cutting edge techniques for leveraging the
Internet and technology in real estate marketing. 

Claire Dembinski says, “My seller clients appreciate how
 I can help bring more attention to the unique selling
 attributes of a their home and ultimately help attract more
 qualified buyers.  Buyers are also appreciative of a well
 presented home that has a better description and more ways
 to learn about the property before arranging an appointment.
 While it’s certainly an honor to receive this award, I
 think ultimately it would be a disservice not to make
 REALTOR.com® and the Internet part of your standard home
 marketing plan. Some day soon most agents will see it as a
 must have requirement instead of something special. We’re
 already seeing that change”  
“The extra steps agents like Claire Dembinski are taking
 on behalf of their clients is the reason we thought it was worthwhile to call out the effort we have seen these agents make online and to recognize them for providing these added value services,” says Mr. Pigman.

REALTOR.com® is just one of the many ways Claire Dembinski
is leveraging recent trends in home buyer  online behavior to
Her clients benefit.